Innovation Highlights Golden Solar Achieves New Breakthrough in Heterojunction Technology

Golden Solar’s Heterojunction Cell R&D Center located in Jiuquan City has made a major technology breakthrough and recently launched a new bifacial microcrystalline heterojunction (HJT) cell with its conversion efficiency reaching 25.6%.


"Based on our bifacial microcrystalline HJT cells reaching the market’s record high photovoltaic conversion efficiency, the solar modules we produced using 132 210mm HJT cells show a power output of surpassing 730 watt is currently the single module with the highest power generation capacity in the market.” said Zhenming Sun, Deputy General Manager of Ouhao New Energy Power (Gansu) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Golden Solar.


Golden Solar R&D Innovation Team actively researches on perovskite silicon heterojunction tandem solar cell technology and has made significant progress in key production steps, such as transparent conductive films deposition and perovskite deposition, which lays a solid foundation for developing more efficient HJT solar cells and modules.


Golden Solar will continue to increase investment in research and development by expanding manpower and capabilities and to push the boundaries of technology, for innovating internationally competitive solar photovoltaic products and providing green and sustainable energy solutions for diverse industries.




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Created on:2023-11-14 17:24