Bridge Builders with German Precision and Chinese Diligence


Janergy GmbH is a Germany-based company with international focus and broad networking. The owner and CEO Margaret Xiaochun Haas possesses depth of experience in transcending boundaries for business.


Margaret Haas began concentrating on the photovoltaic industry in 2003. First from China where she optimized the supply chain for a German company involved in solar project development and investment. Thereafter, for a Chinese module manufacturer, she established in 2007 its German subsidiary and gained a remarkable share of the solar module business. Those modules used in PV power plant projects in Europe continue to impress with their quality and efficiency to this day.


Founded in 2011, Janergy is dedicated to promoting solar energy, principally by engaging in development and investment of pertinent projects in Europe and in China. Striving toward a green and clean living, Janergy also advises on German-Chinese cooperation projects in life sciences and promotes the use of German energy-efficient and environmentally friendly products in China.


The year 2022 marked a milestone for Janergy. Janergy since then represents Golden Solar, an emerging Chinese manufacturer of innovative heterojunction (HJT) solar cells and modules. Janergy GmbH is responsible for Golden Solar's entire photovoltaic business in Germany and other countries of Europe.


Janergy continues to be active in branding, trading and consultancy activities to develop tailor-made solutions for your needs in international business, with an emphasis on solar and other green energy, and ensures that you can make the best out of every idea and situation.


Janergy is your reliable and helpful partner. Talk to us!